Wood - Materials

Our Premium Solid Wood Series are made from solid hard wood (density of 65g/cm3); finishing from a combo of NC Lacquer and PU Coating

Materials used and processes applied are excellent for wood-based furniture and will make them last. They suggest the below benefits;

·      E0 grade Formaldehyde release (SGS Certified)

·      Protection for maximum durability

·      Better clarity and depth

·      Higher scratch resistance

·      Higher water and temperature resistance

Some of panels (e.g. back panels) are made from E0 grade Formaldehyde (SGS Certified) P2 furniture grade chipboard


Upholstery - Cotton Composite

·      Demonstrates excellent soft & natural touch; good breathability; high scratch resistance & good hold of fabric color over the time

Upholstery - Linen Composite

·      Demonstrates apparent fabric pattern; high durability & good breathability

Upholstery - Leathaire

Leather-alike look & feel; made from synthetic fiber demonstrating the below benefits:

·      Comparable appearance, touch & feel of genuine leather

·      Delicate & soft texture with high degree of breathability

·      Better scratch resistance

·      Better protection against water and dirt

·      Better color retention against Ultraviolet (UV) rays & weathering