1﹑ Delivery Lead Time

If in stock, standard delivery lead time from the date of order confirmation is ~1 month. Please check with our team on the latest stock status.

2﹑Delivery Logistics

Providing affordable quality furniture is at our shop’s core value. To minimize running cost, our company can only afford one delivery truck. To most efficiently schedule delivery, while trying to accommodate your delivery date/time preference, we can‘t guarantee any specific delivery date/time. Please contact our logistic clerk (6200 7709) or technician/deliveryman on any delivery enquiries.

3﹑Storage Service/ Future Delivery

Our company will strive to fulfil the order ASAP under normal circumstances. We also understand some orders might not require immediate fulfilment due to various reasons (e.g. house not ready / under renovation). In these cases, we can offer storage service depending on the storage capacity at the time. It is the client ‘s responsibility to notify us and expect at least 3 weeks’ time before we can arrange delivery.

4﹑Order Amendment

If there is any change of order content, client is required to notify us within one week after the original order confirmation. The revised total order dollar amount should not be less than the original one.

5﹑Staircase/ Remote Areas/ Special Delivery Surcharge

Surcharge(s) would apply to; 1) remote districts (e.g. Tung Chung, Delivery Bay, Ma Wan & Outlying Island) and/or 2) locations where items need to be transported by walking-up the staircase/ slopes and/or 3) where our delivery van could not arrive at your building’s door front. If you are aware of these potential special delivery handlings, our client must reach out to us to inquire about the exact charges that would apply. The fees may vary on different item(s) and actual delivery circumstance. We also provide furniture disposal service, please reach out to our team for quotations.

6﹑**Product under Camino Series - Delivery Only, Product to be Self-Assembled by Client.

7﹑Common Minor Defects (Please whatsapp customer service via (6200 7709)

We do not offer product exchange / refund after sign-off upon delivery or for the below mentioned.
No tree is perfect and our products may not be 100% perfect quality-wise. Natural defects emerge from a tree’s seedling to the last stages of seasoning. There are many different types of natural defects arising from many different causes which are caused by an abnormality or irregularity found in wood. For instance, there are natural and acquired defects caused by a broken limb or other injury, insect and fungal attack, or rapid tree growth.
Besides, due to the natural characteristics of solid wood, it is vulnerable to minor scratches, cracks, bending. These common minor defects may be results of the natural characteristic of wood to shrink or expand in response to water vapor in the air, mechanical treatment of the imperfect wood pieces or long travelling from origin of manufacture to our customers’ destinations.
While we sincerely seek our customer’s careful attention before ordering that no refund/ exchange would be made for the afore-mentioned minor defects, we are a responsible retailer that would strive to reduce the avoidable defects. That said, we do have a long track record of countless happy customer testimonials.
Our service staff is happy to share more if you need more info on the above =)

*實木家具涉及人手和天然木材製作,以致沒可能每件產品百分百一致及完美無瑕;局部修補亦在所難免. 另外由於經過由生產地到港的長途運輸,輕微刮花及損傷並不能避免;顧客敬請注意我們亦未能對於上述情況作出更換/退款。當然我們有多年長期的顧客滿意度令我們相信我們產品的品質絕對能夠滿足大部分顧客的合理要求



• 手工上的少許不完美.

• 客人的個人喜好 (如木色木紋或木材天然缺陷).

• 送貨時已有的輕度刮傷裂紋, 輕度變形, 及局部修補痕跡.

• 送貨後出現的自然現象 (裂縫, 木材變形, 以及其導致的問題), 人為因素導致的情況, 以及客人使用過後出現的問題. 

• 木材的天然氣味.